By: L Firstenberg

I made a choice to get through

To go through

And to leave

I cannot enter the way I came in 

Even if in is so much better

And to enter

This new growthful stage

Without the side I was once on

Without ever enter again

And to leave it behind

This change is long awaited

And with no future yet fated

I get to decide what is on the other side of this portal

It feels so tight in this small tunnel I climb through

I climb through it almost alone  

Everyone goes through their portal of changes

Addicted to sober

Child to adult

Kind to mean

People go backwards, forwards

I stand stuck in the very center

I watch people exit and enter

No one talks about their journey through the threshold 

Even if we all spend so much time to test the air

Is it safe to enter? 

What is inside this road to recovery or change

Our entrance is cautious and slow

We drag our feets reaching back or forwards 

Then we have to exit

This exit is filled with questions

Will I be the same person on the other side

Will see the same people on the other side

Will I be okay on the other side 

There is no answer to this question 

The only way we can go is in front of us 

We take these pains and have to trust 

In the end we leave

And we adjust