Tip 1: Put your phone outside of your room

I think I can speak for most kids our age when I say our phones are our biggest distraction. We often look at our phones when we are bored or need a break from something. Unfortunately that can lead to mindless scrolling on social media, ongoing conversations with our friends and more. Even with notifications turned off the temptation to pick up our device can be overwhelming. Hence, this is why putting your phone out of reach is one of the biggest helps in studying.

Tip 2: Set goals beforehand 

Before you get into your study session it is important to write down what you want to accomplish. Making your goals too specific can be overwhelming, so try to make maybe 2 to 3 broad goals and accomplish the tasks needed to achieve them. 

Tip 3: Set a Plan

As stated before, it’s important to have goals but goals are very broad so it’s vital to have the tasks or steps to achieve them. When writing down your tasks make sure they are very specific so instead of writing “science assignment” when you have a paper, write “science paper”. In doing this, it will become easier to focus on completing each task.

Tip 4: Stay Hydrated

I’ve learned from personal experience that when you are hydrated whilst studying helps me focus and go through my assignments faster. In fact, in Staying Hydrated Boosts Brain Power it states that “improves concentration and cognition (supporting memory function) and helps balance moods and emotions, reducing stress and headaches.” . With that being said, I suggest keeping a insolated  water nearby when studying.

Tip 5: Take Breaks

When studying for long periods of time, it’s important that our brains get a break. Its very easy for a 10 minute break to become a 30 minute break so I suggest when you take a break to do something productive. That could be reading a book or organizing your room. Its important to stay away from technology because as discussed it can become extremely distracting. In addition, set a timer that way you are notified of when it’s time to continue your study session.

I hope these tips are helpful and will become useful in your next study session! For any more tips I recommend the sites listed below!

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