by Nina Peyrat

  1. Our generation is more connected to film than it is theater. Streaming services are very popular nowadays. Most everyone owns either a Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV, or HBO Max subscription. Yes, theater is beloved by many students, but film is a more current and faster-growing business. Some people strongly dislike theater and musicals, but there is such a wide variety of film, that there is always something for everyone.
  1. It will generate more interest in our Performing Arts program. Currently, the performing arts programs have been said to have very little interest and to be shrinking in popularity. This class would be something new and exciting for many students, as it would be a lot of fun while still being educational. 
  1. Aspiring film actors should have an outlet to grow and learn about the craft. Although HB has a filmmaking class, it focuses more on the cinematography, screenwriting, and editing than it does the acting. Acting with a camera on you at all times is much harder than actors make it seem to be. If HB created a film acting class, I would imagine that it would teach audition-style and scene-style acting. In the audition, we would learn about different acting techniques by studying clips from movies. Students should learn how to properly audition in front of a camera, ranging from where to look when being filmed, to how the lines that are being said are perceived by the audience.
  1. It would be a good way for students who wish to work in the film industry to learn about what goes into acting, even if they want to choose a different career. The film industry has a wide variety of career paths. Because this class would focus on the filming part, and less on the editing and writing part of the filmmaking process, it will give aspiring cinematographers, make-up artists, special effects designers, and others to get hands-on experience. This class would not go into the details of editing together a film in the post-shooting stages but merely teach how to present in front of a camera and take feedback. But, it does allow people looking into other careers to get an understanding of what they need from the actors in the collaborative work process.
  1. Acting is a form of public speaking. It can even help students conquer public speaking. Whether it is quite literally (someone speaking into a camera to be shown to a greater audience), or more in a more abstract fashion (a screenwriter or director using actors to express a message that they want the public to receive). This is a skill that you can also develop through theatrical acting, but there are some differences. Some differences between theatrical acting and film acting is that in film is more forgiving and more flexible. Scenes may need 20 takes and some are perfect on the first try, but in theater there is only one chance to get a scene right, putting more pressure on the students. Both are nerve-wracking, but film comes with lower stakes. 
  1. It would generate more material to submit to the film festival, making it a growing success for HB. This year, HB is holding a film festival on April 22. A film acting class would generate some content that students can edit together outside of class to submit. It would also teach students the skills needed to make a really good film that could win many categories. With all this content, the film festival could grow and become an HB tradition.