By: Ananya Yadati

This time of winter is one of the busiest times of the whole year. Everyone feels very tired and burnt out since it has been a long stretch since we have had time off, and it feels like there is so much work to do. It can be very difficult to keep going and find things to look forward to during this time of year, so here is a list of things to keep in mind and help get you through this time.

First, it seems very far in the future, but spring break! It is coming up sooner than we realize and will be a great time to relax. We have two weeks off, which will be really nice, especially considering that we have not had any snow days throughout the winter. Also, even if you have to work on things during spring break, you are bound to have some free time. This is your sign to look forward to your plans for spring break, whether it is relaxing at home, or traveling to an amazing place. 

Near spring break, many things will come to a close, since winter is ending. Many out-of-school activities run during the winter season. They start near the beginning of December and end at the end of February. Although it might be bittersweet for your activity to be ending, think about how much time will be freed up. You will no longer have to spend large amounts of time doing work for one extracurricular because you will no longer have to commit to it. 

On the other hand, many things that have a spring season are beginning. For example, many people are going into spring sports, like lacrosse and track. Looking forward to all the fun you will have while doing these activities, and the fact that they can take place outdoors, is another way to stay positive during this transitional season. 

Lastly, winter is ending. We can look forward to finally having warm weather. It has been very cold, and not being able to go outside can be very hard. We are slowly getting closer to having amazing weather outside that we can all enjoy. The nice weather opens up so many opportunities, like playing an outdoor sport or going on walks. We have already experienced some warm weather, and it has made everyone more joyful. Overall, as spring approaches, there are many end-of-winter activities that we can enjoy and things to look forward to.