by Alexis Everett

As I am sure that most of you know, spring break is coming up (not fast enough in my opinion, but it’s still coming)! As I am writing this, we have 18 days left in the spring break countdown! I am sure that most of you are as burnt out as I am right now. Teachers are really piling the work so that we can make it through the unit before spring break hits. Although not everyone travels for spring break, there are a lot of people that do! Over the years, there have definitely been patterns in HB’s travel habits as it seems that HB students gravitate towards certain places. I have included a list of HB’s most traveled to places based off of asking students from different grades where they are traveling this spring break and have traveled to in the past!

  1. Palm Beach

It seems that a lot of the highschool has chosen Florida to travel to for spring break, but more specifically, Palm Beach. If you do not know what Palm Beach is, it is a town located in Southern Florida. It is known for its gorgeous beaches, unique architecture, amazing restaurants, luxury shopping, and so much more. It seems that HB students are drawn to this place as it is such a great vacation place. I, myself, have been to Palm Beach and I absolutely loved it. The beaches were incredible, but my favorite part of Palm Beach would have to be Worth Avenue. My friend, Layah, and I explored this part when we were there and have been in love with it ever since. We got tons of pictures of the old architecture and ate at a delicious restaurant called Ta-boo. It is clear why HB students love this place and it is very popular among the HB community. 

  1. Vail

If you have never heard of Vail, it is a very small town in a mountain range that most people travel to in order to ski and snowboard. Although I will never be able to understand this, Vail is one of the most popular spring break trips. The reason behind me not understanding this is that you are swapping cold weather for even colder weather, but I guess my opinion comes from me not being good enough of a skier to even be able to go. Vail has some of the best slopes out there and is very popular within the ski/snowboard community. I am sure that if I ever get better at skiing one day, that this would be an amazing spring break destination. 

  1. Dominican Republic

It seems that this year especially, the Dominican Republic is being traveled to a lot by HB students! I, myself, am one of these students that will be going here! It seems as though many people traveling here are staying at resorts, which will be very fun! When asking why people picked here to travel to, the most common answer was because of the hot weather and the beaches. With the UV reaching up to 12 during the days of spring break, I am sure that these students will be coming back with some of the best tans in the highschool, or if they don’t wear sunscreen, the most painful and red burns! 

  1. College Visits!

I think that almost every Junior will be going on at least one college tour during spring break, even if it is just up to Ohio State. In the Junior Forum, we have been talking about the importance of these college visits and I believe that most people will be taking advantage of the time that we have away from school to do them. I am sure that these trips will be very fun as the Juniors will finally be getting to see a glimpse of what their futures might look like!

  1. School Trips!

This spring break, HB trips are being brought back! HB students will be traveling to South Korea, Italy, and Spain this break, which is super exciting! They will get to immerse themselves within the culture as well as experience things that they otherwise would have missed out on. Each trip offers such a unique opportunity and experience that will be cherished by these students for the rest of their lives. I can not wait to hear all of the amazing stories that these global travelers will have to tell when they get back! 

In conclusion, whether you are traveling all the way to South Korea this spring break or staying at home and catching up on sleep, it is all going to be fun because at least we are away from school! I am wishing everyone the best of luck on the final days of the spring break countdown and hope you all have an amazing break!