by Ally Hudson

Mostly everyone likes to travel, but missing work, events, or family can be difficult to work around. What if you could still go on that trip for a short time? A short trip doesn’t mean you can’t see everything you want, it just means that you’ll need to make every moment count! Here are some fun places that are guaranteed to fill up your day in Montréal.


Breakfast ~ Bright and early, get up and have something to eat. It can be a smoothie, bagel, or a café. You’ll need the energy for a full day of adventures!

Spot 1 – St-Viateur (

Spot 2 – L’Oeufier (

Spot 3 – Rejuice Nutrition (

Park ~ After that, you can take a car or the metro down to a park so you can enjoy the views and vibes of Montréal. It will be a good way to rest before your busy day.

Spot 1 – Mount-Royal

Spot 2 – Parc Jean-Drapeau

Spot 3 – Champs de Possibles 

Ice Skating ~ If it’s winter, most likely one of the parks you go to will have ice skating. So if you’re near one, go out and give it a whirl. 

Spot 1 – Mont-Royal 

Spot 2 – Beaver Lake 

Shopping ~ Apart from being in a new city, immerse yourself in their culture. That can mean buying a new piece of clothing or a special item that can become a souvenir or your trip. 

Spot 1 – Bonsecours Market

Spot 2 – Mont-Royal Avenue

Spot 3 – Réso

Lunch ~ Nothing beats a day of walking like a good lunch does! Here are some yummy recommendations that will for sure satisfy you!

Spot 1 – Duc de Lorraine

Spot 2 – Il Focolaio

Spot 3 – Jardin Nelson

Sightseeing ~ A part of being in a new city is exploring the new culture around you. Montréal has a unique history and how it ended up French-speaking. Here are some spots that are quite unique and fun to see.

Spot 1 – Le Basilica (Do the light show too)

Spot 2 – Vieux-Montréal (Original settlement area)

Spot 3 – Mont-Royal (Birds eye view of the city) 

Dinner ~ To end your day go to a nice place for dinner and maybe even try food outside your comfort zone. 

Spot 1 – LOV (All vegan)

Spot 2 – Île Flottante

Spot 3 – Jellyfish Montreal