By: Elham Abdel Jalil

“Denoting a person chosen as a sweetheart or special friend”
“A card sent to a person one loves or is attracted to”
“A sweetheart chosen or complimented on Valentine’s Day”
All of these definitions
Yet none delve into true and complete detail
None describe what a sweetheart is
What the difference between a simple valentine
And true love is

What even is love?
Is it a kiss on the cheek?
A warm embrace?
Or is it
Long, meaningful conversations
A listening and understanding ear
A look of warmth and passion in the eyes
An enjoyment of time together
A bending of the rules for the benevolence that blossoms in the chest

How does one know when they have met their true love?
Is it a tingly feeling in the hands?
Butterflies in the stomach?
Beating of the heart?
An ignorance for all things negative when they come into mind?

Who is that special person
That will make me feel unique?
That will make me feel exceptional
Like I’m their entire world

What is love
Who is my lover
My person
My beloved