By: Naomi Wuliger

In the middle of the Chiefs vs. Eagles Super Bowl game, a commercial for Tubi – a streaming platform – caused many fans to go into a panic and accuse members of their families of changing the channel and turning off the big game.

As many Americans gathered around to watch the game, they were unpleasantly surprised when Tubi decided to present a “terrifying” advertisement for their streaming platform. The commercial started with what appeared to be game announcers speaking at the Superbowl, but then the channel switched to Tubi, as if somebody changed the channel. Immediately, fans all over the country experienced feelings of anger and resentment towards their family or guests who changed the channel. The real question is, though, was this commercial a smart tactic by Tubi or a horrible way to lose customers? There have been mixed emotions.

Salma Fareed, a freshman at HB said, “I don’t like Tubi.” In this case, the commercial has not helped Tubi gain more customers and viewers, and has further pushed people away. On the other hand, Zoë Kane, also an HB freshman, said that even though she did not watch it, she would have been “dying of laughter,” and “confused but laughing at the outcome.” Lastly, Rowen Spitz of HB said, “I feel like it would have been funny if other people were in the room complaining…I would just be confused.”

  Others find that they were “so confused” and “hated it.” Another thought it was “kind of dumb… but it didn’t trick me easily.” Finally, some found that “it’s not real” and “it’s so weird”, and others thought it was even “funny.”

All in all, people at HB had very different reactions… ranging from being annoyed and mad, to laughing it off. Even though some got very emotional following the Tubi commercial, it will always be a fun memory of the 2023 Super Bowl, and Tubi will always be known as the streaming service that spread panic all across the nation.