By: Ashley Chu and Sam Boyce

Lunch at HB is nothing short of controversial. Whether you’re down at the lunchrooms at 12:45 exactly, or skipping lunch and instead eating the gourmet Brown Bag snacks, HB lunch is a topic everyone has opinions on. So, we took it upon ourselves to ask some people here at HB what their favorite lunches are, and why, so maybe you can give some more lunches a try instead of complaining. (Don’t worry, we complain too.) 

Mac and Cheese:

  • Ms. Adams: “Sometimes you need a hearty carb meal!”

Pesto Couscous Mozzarella and Arugula Salad

  • Bailey Boland: “I love it!”


  • Sarah Cimoroni: “I like tacos”
  • Lilly Nordstrom: “I like tacos because they have the bar with all the tasty toppings”

Sweet and Sour Chicken: 

  • Ms. Beyer: “It’s yummy and something different”
  • Ms. Callahan: “It’s something I wouldn’t cook for myself”
  • Abby Muresan: “It tastes good”
  • Mishael Williams: “It’s really filling”

Grilled Cheese:

  • Madeleine Burke: “I love the wheat bread, the cheese, the great amount of oil, and it tastes good with tomato soup”
  • Alice Hollingsworth: “The grilled cheese with the tomato soup is a really good combo”

Breakfast/Tater Tots French Toast:

  • Kate Hilbert: “It makes me feel at home”
  • Amira Horowitz: “I like the tater tots with french toast because they’re crisp”

Beef Stroganoff:

  • Sam Boyce: “No one else likes it so I can eat four plates of it without being judged by the cooking staff, and it’s delectable”

Butter Chicken:

  • Sam Boyce: “I would KILL for that naan”
  • Audrey Handel: “It’s really good, and the rice goes really well with the chicken, and the sauce is delish”
  • Layah Carpenter: “They season it well”

Pineapple Tofu:

  • Ayden Magence: “It’s good”


  • Lily Kattan: “I like the ravioli because it’s creamy”

Salad Bar:

  • Ms. Armstrong: “I’m a lover of the salad bar, it’s my go-to lunch. The greens are fresh and they have great veggies”

Turkey Tetrazzini: 

  • Ms. Armstrong: “It’s my comfort food that I’ve been having for 25 years”


  • Mishael Williams: “The broth is nice and warm and comforting, and you can customize it for yourself”
  • Raina Vakharia: “I like pho because it’s cool”

Pot Roast:

  • Jane Kennedy: “I like being able to take a bite of the broccoli, mashed potatoes, and beef all at the same time”

We hope these perspectives on HB lunch opened your eyes, and gave you the courage to try some more lunches! (And don’t hate on the beef stroganoff before you try it, or do, more for me!)