By: Abby Muresan

I made a google form and asked seniors about what they regret about their high school experience. Did they miss out on school dances? Did they miss out on clubs? What advice do they have for underclassmen? Here’s what our HB seniors responded.

HB creates many opportunities for high schoolers throughout their four year experience. But, this also comes with a large amount of responsibilities. Firstly, a common response to the form was that seniors recommend not putting too much on your plate. I think this is important for underclassmen to hear. It is better to do well in classes you enjoy and put your time into subjects you enjoy rather than signing up for ones you dislike and won’t do the work for. I think a work-life balance is very difficult yet very important. For example, I sometimes wish I could watch a new show with my family, but I have two tests the next day. Yes, it is important to prioritize school. But you sometimes should go ahead and give yourself a break too. It’s easier said than done, but I think this is key to having a good high school experience. I think giving yourself a little vacation everyday helps create happiness on a day-to-day basis.

Next, a common response from our seniors was that it’s okay to be embarrassed. Embarrassment is such a hard feeling to accept. It’s difficult to move past what others think. But, I think it’s important to do what makes you happy. This could be something stereotypically not cool or weird. But, if it makes you happy, go for it. 

Finally, the idea of being cool. It’s hard coming in as a freshman and doing what you love if it means you won’t necessarily be “cool”. Many seniors responded saying how it’s cool to be uncool. I think this is very sweet. It’s better to enjoy yourself, because before you know it, your four years will be up. Thank you to all our seniors who responded, and I hope this article helps any upcoming freshman or any underclassmen.