by Ally Hudson

As it is still the beginning of the year, you may want to add more to your daily routine or set new goals for yourself. It is the perfect time to sit down and reevaluate what you want out of life. I know it can be easy to just stick to what you’re used to, but at the end of the day, you only grow when you try new things for the first time. The first step can be stepping outside your comfort zone or drawing that one picture you’ve been meaning to start. Even if it is just improving your well-being, it’s enough. Here I will give my best tips on how to reinvent yourself and how to switch up your usual actions.

Set intentions 

A good thing about setting intentions is it is not binding or scary. They are simply goals or affirmations that you can look at to remind yourself what you want to accomplish. They can be as simple as reading a book every night or as extravagant as going to the gym every day at 6 am. Just put what you intend to do and try to follow it.

Have something to look forward to – on the weekend

Getting through the school week can be hard, but having something planned for the weekend can boost your mood. You can plan to meet a friend at a café, go to a party, or hang out with someone at your house. It doesn’t need to be a lot, just something that gets you excited for the weekend and boosts your mindset. 


Sometimes days are bad, and sometimes they’re over-the-top good. Whatever the case may be, you should journal about it. It’s fun to reflect on who you were and how much you’ve grown. Even if it’s only once a week or every other day, just do what feels right. Especially when you feel like something isn’t going your way, writing about it can help you process it and change your mood.

Treat yourself 

Sometimes when you feel down, it’s good just to relax and look at things you enjoy. Or if you’re feeling great, it’s still always a good idea to put yourself first. Some things you can do is scroll on clothing websites you enjoy or even just watch a movie that you’ve wanted to see. This goes hand in hand with one of my other tips, but just going to a restaurant with a friend or by yourself can be a treat simply because of the conversation and food.

Even if you do none of these recommendations, that doesn’t mean you are unproductive or lazy. The little things add up to an accomplishment or a big goal. So try to add one small thing outside what you’re used to, and you might love it!