By Zoë Kane

1. Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi

Genre: Dystopia

This series tells the story of a teenage girl, Juliette Ferrars, who hasn’t been able to experience human touch for her whole life because of the powers she has. In the first book, Juliette is in isolation and then transported to be used as a weapon for the government that has grown corrupt. Throughout the series  Juliette learns to control her powers, find love in friendships and romance, and fight against the evil in her world. 

2. Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard

Genre: Fantasy 

This series takes place in a world where humans are divided by red and silver blood. Those of red blood are commoners, underprivileged and ordinary. Whereas those of silver blood are strong, mighty and gifted with many powers. The royals of this world are of silver blood and they use their powers to manipulate those of red blood. When Mare Barrow finds that even though she is of red blood she suppresses powers like those of silver blood she undergoes many changes in her life. As the series carries out, readers are shown Mare learning how to control her powers and use them to benefit others unlike the silvers. You will find that it is definitely a page turner as you are encapsulated by the plot twists, romance and action packed scenes.

3. Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld

Genre: Dystopia

This series takes place in a society where once you turn 16, the government gives you a surgery to change your features and make you what the society calls, ‘a pretty’. Before the surgery you are ‘an ugly’ and as ‘an ugly’ you are underprivileged and work tirelessly. Once you are turned into ‘a pretty’ you have no responsibilities and live lavishly. Tally Youngblood is eager to turn 16 and undergo her surgery. When her newfound friends, David and Shay, show her the downsides of becoming pretty, she grows curious and learns there is something the government isn’t revealing about turning into ‘a pretty’.