By Elizabeth Chen

George Santos, the representative-elect of New York, claims he only put “a little bit of fluff” on his resume. He admitted to lying about his heritage, religion, and education, and is now facing trouble with a case from Brazil.

Regarding his heritage and religion, Santos claimed that he was Jewish, even though he’s Catholic. When questioned about it, he tried to cover it up by saying that he was “Jew-ish.” Not to mention, Santos claimed that he was an “American Jew” and a “Latino Jew.” Now, George Santos is banned from attending any of the Republican Jewish Coalition events. His claims that his grandparents survived the Holocaust were proven wrong.

In fact, Santos didn’t even attend a university or college. Before, he had said that he had gone to Baruch College and NYU, even saying he obtained degrees there. Santos also claimed that he had worked for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. In the end, George Santos admitted that he was lying about it all. 

There is an accusation that George Santos completely denied. Brazilian authorities want to reinstate charges of fraud against Santos. His crime in 2008 involved a stolen checkbook. He was charged in court in 2011, but the case was not continued after Santos was unable to be found. For almost a decade, he has not been able to be found.

(all information is as of January 4th, 2023)