by Ally Hudson

So many of our days are spent in a familiar area where we’ve been living. We know the common styles and trends near us. But what happens when you leave that familiarity and immerse yourself in a new culture completely foreign to you? You may find totally different norms and clothing worn while people live their daily lives. It’s important to recognize and celebrate the differences of all 8 billion people on this planet. In a world full of judgment, no one wins because there are so many other aspects of life to focus on and enjoy. So try something new and explore some typical street styles from all around the world. Maybe you’ll even take a liking to one and implement it into your own style!


It’s no secret that the Parisian way of style is simple and chic. In France, less is more, and wearing neutral, simple pieces can go a long way. On the street, they keep their outfits plain but cohesive. If you’re heading to France and want to try this type of fashion, go for it!


In Japan, the street style is quite diverse. The men and women wear neutral tones with bold pieces. People in Japan also can get very fierce with what they wear like the individuals in the first photograph. They’re wearing a “pop and block” style which means putting colors together on opposite sides of the color wheel. In the end there is contrast and cohesion which finishes the popular look. 


The fashion in Italy is very chic and fun. Their clothes are functional and practical. If you want to try out a new style you might have some pieces for an Italian look already! It’s an easy and relaxed look that can be for anyone.

South Africa 

The style in South Africa involves color and fun patterns. It depends on what look you are going for, but there surely is one for everybody. There are so many diverse cultures and styles around the world which is so fun to see. If you love patterns and color maybe implementing a piece inspired by one of these could be your next step!

Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil – South America

There are so many amazing outfits in South America. Here are some from different countries in South America. The fashion is simple and consists of a staple piece. They range from different patterns to monochromatic outfits. Try a new look from South America next time you choose an outfit!