This is a list of some of the top Christmas movies that you HAVE to watch before December 25th. If you need some Christmas movie recommendations or inspiration, this list is for you! Make sure you get some popcorn, candy, and a warm blanket before you settle down to watch these holiday favorites. 

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

In this Christmas comedy, the Griswold family hosts their whole family for Christmas. Clark Griswold tries to carry out all of the Christmas traditions that his family loves, but along the way many things go wrong. 

Home Alone

In Home Alone, Kevin gets left behind when his family leaves for a trip to Europe. He has to figure out how to fend for himself until his family can get home to rescue him. Along the way he encounters robbers, a scary neighbor, and tries to get into the Christmas spirit. 

Home Alone 2

In the second movie in the Home Alone series, Kevin accidentally gets on a plane headed for New York instead of Florida (where his family is supposed to go) and he is left to figure out how to get around New York City until he finds his family. 


Buddy the elf was raised by elves and Santa Claus. He was found and taken in on the North Pole. He was found as an orphan, but in this movie he returns to New York to meet his real father. Buddy spreads his Christmas spirit around New York City and gets to know the family he did not know he had. Along the way he learns what life as a human is like. 

The Grinch

The Grinch is a scary green creature determined to ruin Christmas for all of the Whos in Whoville. He steals presents and Christmas spirit from the town. Eventually he realizes the joy of Christmas and he returns what he stole and helps make Christmas special. 

The Santa Claus 

In this movie, Santa Claus falls off of Scott Calvin’s roof and dies. Scott must then take over for Santa. He helps convince his young son that Santa is real. He helps to convince everyone around him that Santa and the Christmas spirit is real. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas

In A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown is having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. He decides to find a Christmas tree and decorate it. Decorating the Christmas tree doesn’t go as Charlie had hoped. His friends see how upset he is and decide to help him with his tree. 

A Christmas Story

In a Christmas story, 9 year old Ralphie Parker spends the whole Christmas season dreaming about what he wants Santa to bring him. He wants a BB gun and does everything that he can to ensure that he gets one on Christmas morning. In addition, Ralphie spends time with his friend Flick and at school doing mischievous winter activities, and he tries to avoid his school bullies until his Christmas break.