By Jalecia Reid

You’re my canvas. Can’t you see? The colors black and blue make you beautiful.

Stop crying, I am only like this because of how I was raised.

I won’t do it again. I’ll fix it. I won’t hurt you anymore.

So I put up a brave front because you can smell my fear.

I’m scared of not being enough.

No, you’re not my tormentor, but something else. 

When I figure it out I’ll tell you.  

You make me angry. Why can’t you just listen? I only want the best for you.

You’re so unappreciative. I do everything for you. Have you ever thought of how I feel?

It’s not that bad.

You’re fine.

No, I don’t hate you. Not at all. You just make me tired. 

You don’t want me so why do you get mad when I leave?  

I think you’re scared to say that you like being in control because it makes you the bad guy. 

I know you like to be controlling.

You can’t leave me.

I made you. 

Are you forgetting what we had? Things are just tough right now.

I promise it’ll be just like it was before.

Do you ever stop wanting more? I think you love me in your own little twisted way. 

Just because I understand doesn’t make it right. 

Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like if I didn’t meet you.

I’ll continue to hurt you over and over again and you’ll continue to stay.

That’s just how we work.

I don’t change, you should know this by now.

I often wonder if I made the right decision. 

Do you ever get scared of what you see in the mirror? 

I mean, I’ve got to thank you; you taught me how to recognize red flags.