by Nina Peyrat

I don’t know about you, but I love musicals! Playhouse Square has an entire Broadway Series and I am so excited to watch! This winter there are going to be so many shows. If you don’t have anything to do over break, or your weekends aren’t too packed, you should definitely go! Just earlier this year, HB went to Les Miserables and we had a blast! HB also has discounted tickets for Hamilton coming up too. For me, I need to know a little about the musicals before watching them because sometimes there is so much happening at once, that it is a little hard to follow. Don’t worry if that is you too! Here is some background information about each musical! (HB does not have tickets to the shows below, except for Hamilton, but they are still fun to watch!):

  • Hamilton (December 6 – January 15)

Hamilton is a hip-hop musical that follows Alexander Hamilton, as he goes from an orphan living in the Caribbean, to George Washignton’s right hand man. See what history has in store for him…

  • Beetlejuice (January 10 – January 29)

Betelgeuse is a demon bio-exorcist who dreams to be seen by the living world again. The only way he can be set free, is if he can get a recently deceased couple to get a living human to say his name three times. His plans get foiled when a girl named Lydia challenges him to befriend the couple. Will he ever escape and make it to the world of the living… ?

  • Hadestown (January 31 – February 19)

This is a story influenced by Greek mythology about a musician named Orpheus and a resilient young woman named Eurydice who fall in love at first sight. They believe that The Fates brought them together and therefore, they will stay together through thick and thin. But when Eurydice accidentally signs away her soul to Hades, Orpheus is faced with the challenge of venturing into Hadestown to bring her back…

  • Aladdin (March 8 – March 12)

Aladdin is a famous Disney classic story of Aladdin, a kind and daring thief who has become a master at stealing from little shops and markets so that he can obtain food while living in the streets of Agrabah. He falls in love with Princess Jasmine just as her father, the Sultan declares that she is of age to search for a husband. She turns down many wealthy suitors and princes from around the world, in search of true love over wealth. Meanwhile, Aladdin finds a magic lamp that when rubbed, unleashes a Genie. With three wishes, Aladdin uses one to become a prince worthy of a princess, so that he can be with Princess Jasmine. But, the royal advisor is evil and will do anything to get his hands on the crown. With the forces of greed, love, and tradition working against each other, who will get there way… ?

If any of these shows look good to you (they all look amazing to me!), you can purchase tickets here