By: Colleen Nakhooda and Abby Muresan

As we all know, Starbucks is a go to commodity for basically all teenagers. If you don’t like Starbucks I do not know if we can be friends… just kidding…. Anyways… your very own Blazer volleyball team frequented the local Starbucks on Cedar Road, either with an everyday mobile order or a packed car of girls going through the drive through. We would pile into a few cars, and we may or may not have stuck a few girls in the trunk… that was only one time, but hey, anything for Starbucks! Based off of this clear obsession, and the lack of money in our bank accounts, we thought that getting a compilation of the team’s normal Starbucks orders and then one drink they’ve either gotten before that was weird or unordinary, or something they wanted to try in the future, was the perfect article for this week. So, next time you hit up your local Starbucks, try out one of the fan favorites, or challenge yourself to take that leap and get something like a matcha with pumpkin cold foam? Or a green tea lemonade with three pumps of raspberry?? Enjoy your week, and make sure to think of your favorite volleyball team next time you order at the Starbucks near you! (Why does this sound like a campaign for Starbucks…) 

With Love, 

Colleen Nakhooda and Abby Muresan 

Orders for Volleyball Who Responded: 


Normal: Grande iced matcha latte with a pump of vanilla and vanilla cold foam 

New/To Try: Matcha with strawberry puree in the cold foam 


Normal: Venti peach green tea lemonade 

New/To Try: Venti iced green tea lemonade with 3 pumps of raspberry 


Normal: Venti iced passion tea with lemonade mango dragon fruit base and 3 pumps of raspberry 

New/To Try: Tall iced pumpkin spice latte 

Gabby J:

Normal: Venti green iced tea lemonade

New/To Try: Tall matcha latte 


Normal: Vanilla shake and espresso 

New/To Try: Mocha cookie crumble frappuccino

Gabby p: 

Normal: Iced matcha latte with a pump of chai and cold foam 

New/To Try: Matcha with pumpkin cold foam 


Normal: Venti iced chai with light ice, sweet cream cold foam, and caramel drizzle 

New/To Try: Grande iced matcha with a pump of chai and cold foam 


Normal: Grande iced white mocha with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, no whip, extra holiday sugar sparkle 

New/To Try: grande pink drink with strawberries and sweet cream cold foam 


Normal: Grande iced mocha with vanilla cold foam and oatmilk 

New/To Try: Grande cookies and cream frappuccino 


Normal: Venti pink drink 

New/To Try: Brown sugar oat milk shake espresso 


Normal: Iced matcha with chai 

New/To Try: Venti pineapple paradise drink 


Normal: Venti iced chai latte with oat milk and vanilla cold foam 

New/To Try: Grande pink drink with cold foam 


Normal: Grande oat milk shaken espresso 

New/To try: Grande Irish cream cold foam