by Alexis Everett

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the 2022 Young Writers and Artists Festival on November 4th! While there, I participated in the writers portion of the festival doing a workshop with Dave Lucas. Within this workshop, we focused on two specific things you could write a poem on: the sounding of a word and a food/drink. I really enjoyed being able to focus on these things because it allowed for me to become very specific with the detailing of the poem. Overall, it was an extremely fun experience that I would recommend for anyone! Here is one of the poems that I wrote during the workshop:

A Can of Palmer

A wrinkled dollar

flattened along the edge,

sucked up and taken away.

2 clicks, 2 clicks away

The can rattles until it finally

reaches its enormous fall.

Lifted up ready to be praised,

to provide light as long as

it has weight.

Pried open with a click,

the type that

is meant to taunt.

Taunting until my insatiable

thirst is finally quenched.

A stream of sweet bitterness,

tangy blandness,

harsh smoothness,

boiling coldness.

Water droplets scattered 

along the shiny can.

Dripping down endlessly, 

attempting to drown my hand.

Within a can,

a sense of complete revival.

Rebirth at its finest.