By Elizabeth Chen

With the holidays right around the corner, all Christmas lovers are ready to celebrate (actually they’ve been ready since Halloween). One of my favorite parts of Christmas isn’t the cookies and the Christmas playlist that’s been ready since the start of October, but Christmas movies. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without watching some holiday movies with Christmas socks and hot chocolate on the couch. But if you’re struggling with finding some movies to watch, here are four, ranked from best to worst.

#1. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York: 

This is my personal favorite, and the best out of all Home Alone movies in my opinion. There’s nothing that fits the Christmas vibe more than New York City. The other movies just didn’t feel like it was Christmas, and more like it was a winter night. Personally, I love the setting the best, with the big Christmas trees and the ice skating rink. Not to mention, it was enjoyable

#2. The Grinch:

This one is probably a movie that everybody has watched. It’s a super cute movie and fits the Christmas vibe. Compared to Home Alone, it was not as funny. In my opinion, because it wasn’t realistic, it was not as good. The movie also made me really mad, the little people were so oblivious to the world around them. 

#3. ELF:

ELF was a good movie, but I feel like it’s so overwatched. It’s probably the funniest out of all the movies on this list, but I felt so much secondhand embarrassment while watching. However, the ending was super happy, and the movie was kind of relatable since it took place in modern time. The movie had so much potential to be good, since it takes place in New York City, but I feel like they could’ve used the settings way more than they did.

#4. Polar Express: 5/10

Polar Express is a pretty heartwarming movie about a boy who realizes that life’s not all about him. Personally, this was not my favorite. The plot was good, but the characters did not look proportionate. The reason for this was the animation. Not to mention that the entire movie was just so boring and predictable. There’s no reason anyone shouldn’t be able to guess the ending once you know what happens.