by Madeleine Burke 

The snow falling outside means more than making snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. It also creates an opportunity for Ukraine in its current conflict with Russia. Ever since February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, tensions have not let up. However, a shift in weather also signifies a shift in tactics on both sides. Fall weather and heavy rain were limiting Ukraine’s ability to move critical weapons to their front lines. Winter, however, opens up a door for Ukraine to move its Western weapons with ease. With the right amount of preparation, Ukrainians could use this shift in the weather to their advantage. 

As winter approaches and soft land freezes over, it’s going to be easier for both sides to get tanks and trucks to move. But even with Ukraine’s preparation for the cold, a pause in fighting is highly expected due to the low temperatures. While Russia will probably use this halt in war to mobilize even further against Ukraine, the Biden administration has hopes that Ukraine will build up its weapon supply in the break.

However, there has been a recent turning point in the war as Russia surrenders in the city of Kharkiv and Ukraine regains land and confidence. This is a good foot for Ukraine to start off on as winter approaches. 

Why does this matter for us in the U.S.? The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has presented multiple obstacles such as fueling our inflation crisis, increasing the use of fossil fuels, and cutting into our overall GDP. If Ukraine can gain some dominance in the war from the shift in weather, then these problems won’t continue to hurt the U.S. The U.S. depends heavily on Ukraine in terms of agricultural and mechanical products, so when Ukraine suffers from war, the U.S. consequently will as well. 

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