By Julia Kubic 

Halloween has passed, which means Christmas is right around the corner. But before the most wonderful time of the year, there’s Thanksgiving. And what’s Thanksgiving without loads of food? From turkey, to pie, to mashed potatoes, there are so many delicious Thanksgiving dishes. But what is the absolute best Thanksgiving food? Keep reading to find out!

11. Green Bean Casserole 

I don’t get why we don’t just eat normal green beans at Thanksgiving. Green beans are delicious on their own, so why ruin them by making them into a disgusting casserole? I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a good green bean casserole. They’re always soggy and mushy. And this food item doesn’t even have a good flavor to make up for the horrendous texture. A wholly unenjoyable experience.

10. Yams

What even is a yam? I don’t think I could look at a Thanksgiving meal and tell you which vegetable is a yam. Although yams themselves are fine, there are so many Thanksgiving foods that are just better. All in all, yams are incredibly mid, and I feel like they lack the flavor that could elevate them to the next level of Thanksgiving foods.

9. Rolls

Bread is already good, but bread on Thanksgiving is even more delectable. But it’s still just bread. Yeah it’s absolutely delicious, but it’s outshined by things like turkey, pie, and stuffing. Rolls play the supporting role in Thanksgiving dinner. They make other foods seem even more yummy, but the rolls themselves are not the stars of the meal. 

8. Mashed Potatoes

I know having mashed potatoes this low on the list is a bit of a hot take, but I just don’t understand all the hype surrounding them. They’re good but they’re not great, despite what people say. I feel like mashed potatoes are kinda flavorless. When I do eat them, it feels like I’m just eating soft mush. Maybe they would be more enjoyable if they actually tasted like something…? But for now, they remain at #8. 

7. Pecan Pie

Whether you pronounce it pee-KAHN, pick-AHN, or PEE-can, we can all agree that this classic Thanksgiving dessert is pretty yummy. However, I’m always inclined to choose a slice of pumpkin or apple pie over pecan pie. While it’s undeniably good, the competition is stiff when it comes to Thanksgiving dessert, and pecan pie unfortunately falls short of its competitors. 

6. Pumpkin Pie

I would say that pumpkin pie is more than worthy of the title of a quintessential Thanksgiving dessert. The combination of flaky crust and smooth filling is amazing, and the balance of earthy pumpkin and sweet nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger is to die for. This pie mixes an incredible texture with an even more incredible flavor and the result is delicious. 

5. Mac & Cheese

Yeah, it’s a rather basic food, but mac & cheese is still absolutely delicious. I eat mac & cheese year round, but it just hits different on Thanksgiving. This cheesy, mouthwatering pasta is always a fan favorite. It may be simple, but good mac & cheese is one of the best foods on the planet, and its yumminess is amplified on Thanksgiving.

4. Cranberry Sauce

As someone who has a sweet tooth, I appreciate cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving dinner always makes me crave something sweet, and cranberry sauce is the perfect fix. The delicious cranberry flavor, along with the yummy jam-like texture makes for an amazing treat that is the perfect combo of dessert and dinner. And I love its bitter edge that is the cherry on top of this delicious side dish.

3. Stuffing

Stuffing doesn’t lack flavor, that’s for sure! The combination of chicken, bread, herbs, and vegetables is amazing. Now I’m not normally a casserole person, but stuffing is an exception. I truly cannot make this clear enough: stuffing is one of the most flavorful, yummy Thanksgiving sides out there. Also I appreciate how the vegetables in it make me feel like I’m eating healthy on Thanksgiving, even though I’m definitely not.

2. Apple Pie

There’s a reason they call apple pie America’s favorite food. It’s so good that even thinking about it makes me happy. Not only is it one of the best Thanksgiving desserts, it’s one of the best desserts of all time. How could the combo of apples, cinnamon, and caramel not be delicious? It’s bursting with fall flavor, and the gooey warm filling is heavenly. Tbh, I think I would be okay if Thanksgiving dinner consisted solely of apple pie.

1. Turkey

The star of the Thanksgiving feast is also the most delicious part. Thanksgiving turkey is so yummy, and I think people who don’t like it have just never had a good, well made turkey. It’s so flavorful, and the side dishes really highlight its deliciousness. I can confidently say that the turkey deserves its role as the main course of Thanksgiving dinner.

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