By: Sam Boyce

Opinions, everybody has them. But every once in a while, you’ll encounter someone who thinks something so insane, you’re shocked when you hear it. These opinions are called hot takes, and everyone has at least one. So, I took it upon myself to ask some of our favorite HB teachers what their hot takes are. First, I had to tell them what a hot take is, as slang is not where our teachers shine, but we still love them nonetheless! I asked Mr. Ciuni, Ms. Day, Ms. Ahern, and so many more, so here are hot takes with the HB teachers! 

First up, here are the hot takes I like to describe as luke-warm. These hot takes have many supporters, so they may not shock you. Ms. Hisey thinks the book isn’t always better than the movie. Mr. Frazier’s ideal dinner time is 10 PM. Mr. Ciuni thinks that no one should be over 70 and in a position of political leadership, which seems fitting. Ms. Ahern believes that french fries dipped in mayo is the best combo and Ms. Cahill doesn’t like cheese. Thank you teachers for your opinions, we appreciate them!

Next, here are the hot takes that made me question both the teachers and my life choices. Ms Adams thinks that the first bite of crust is better than the last bite of crust on a sandwich. Personally, I’m still confused on what that means, but after the debate our English class had about it, I can assume it really is a hot take. Ms. Krist believes that you eat the outside “ring” of a Reese’s first, then the middle. I really don’t know who hurt Ms. Krist to the point of actions like this, but I don’t think she should ever be let near a Reese’s again. Ms. Day thinks that running tights should only be worn with shorts on top. I had to look up the difference between running tights and leggings, and found that running tights are more translucent. So, I am going to agree with Ms. Day on this one, please wear shorts! 

Last up, this teacher deserved their own category. I sent out an email to all of the teachers listed so far, and this teacher sent me a surplus of his hot takes. Please prepare yourselves for Mr. Dimitrov’s hot takes, in the same format as he sent them: 

  • Poetry is garbage.
  • Led Zeppelin is better than the Beatles.
  • Inverse trig functions should be called un-[trig function]. Ex: Arcsine should be un-sine. 
  • Cosecant should be the reciprocal of cosine, not sine. 
  • Except for metals, recycling is pointless. 
  • The only thing that comes close to the wonderful feeling of getting into a freshly made with just washed sheets bed is wearing brand new socks.
  • The Internet was a mistake.
  • I like it when people don’t vote, it makes my vote count more.
  • Torx drive screws are better than Phillips drive screws.
  • Canada secretly likes being America’s hat. 
  • Popeye’s has the best chicken sandwich. 
  • Waffle fries are like poetry- they are both garbage. 

Thank you to all the teachers for giving us a reason to judge you, and Ms. Krist, never eat a Reese’s again. Please.