By: Ananya Yadati

This year, at the annual upper school halloween costume contest, there were a variety of costumes, including movie and tv characters, foods, apps, and so much more. There were five categories for the best costumes. They were: the most creative, punniest, just rolled out of bed, most effort, and best overall. Every mentor group put a lot of effort into their costumes, but in the end, certain ones stuck out to the judges and deserved a winning title.

The first category, “most creative,” was won by the Stineman mentor group of juniors. The members of this mentor group used their creativity to make something that was out of the box. Each member had a spherical costume, all showing the colors of the different planets in our solar system, and the sun. On top of having a fabulous costume, they showed it off in a very funny way by having the planets run frantically around the sun.

The next category was “punniest,” and the seniors in the Webster mentor group won this category. They dressed up as “spider web-sters,” a play on words of their mentor’s name. Not only was that one of the only costumes based on a pun, but it was funny and well executed. All of the people in this costume looked amazing because they wore spider costumes with pieces of web on them.

Next, the seniors in the Gordon mentor group won the category “just rolled out of bed.” They made many people laugh with their funny costume, “senioritis.” They all dressed up in pajama pants, sweatpants, and sweatshirts, all things against the dress code, to show how people stop caring about those kinds of things once they become seniors. 

The Hisey mentor group of sophomores also won, in the category of “most effort.” They all clearly spent a lot of time on their costumes: “Hisey’s Hi-C’s.” Everyone had a large sign hanging over them with a blown up image of Hi-C juice boxes. This was a funny costume based off of the pun in their mentor’s name, and was very well executed.

Last, but definitely not least, the “best overall” category was won by the Ciuni mentor group of sophomores. Their costume of the HB Tennis Team was hilarious and definitely memorable. Most people dressed up in athletic wear, and some people were dressed as poles and held up the tennis net. The funniest part was the student wearing a skin-tight green outfit with gray stripes on it, who was passed around in place of a tennis ball when they did their skit.