by Nina Peyrat

Have people been telling you to get your flu shot earlier this year? Well they aren’t wrong! I don’t know about you, but it seems like everyone is getting sick. This year, less and less people are masking as people are hoping to get back to normalcy. This means that colds and illnesses will be able to be spread more easily. Covid was on everyone’s minds the past two years, but now the flu is coming back and is infecting more people. Oh no! Right? Well, here are tips to boost your immune system to avoid getting sick!

Wash your hands! There are germs everywhere! You may be around someone who is catching a cold and you don’t even know it! It is important to wash your hands regularly to keep clean and away from germs. It protects the people around you too. Along with that, try not to touch your face. I know it is hard because it is something we don’t even realize we are doing, but it keeps the germs that your hand touches every day away. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables gives you all the nutrients and vitamins you need to stay healthy! Exercising regularly and getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night is major. I know we have a lot of homework and may not be able to every night, but managing your workload and staying on top of it really helps with stress and lets you get to bed earlier. 

Getting sick is the worst! You miss school, which means you have more work to make up. On top of all that stress, your nose is runny, your breathing is shallow, you feel puffy, and you get an unbearable cough. No one wants that! So if you do happen to get sick this flu season, here are some tips on how to feel better sooner:

  • Sleep
    • Sleep is so important for recovery. Don’t try to exercise, it won’t help. It actually increases your chances of vomiting. Sleeping gives your immune system a chance to kick in and help fight the virus. When you are sick, you should actually  try to sleep as much as possible. It is also a good idea to stack your pillows. It provides elevation to your head so the pressure of lying down flat is taken off of you. The elevation helps you breathe more clearly and have a better night of sleep. 
  • Healthy food
    • It is a good idea to avoid dairy products because nausea is hard to digest. Instead, eat hot and steamy foods like chicken noodle soup. The warmth on your face will make your nose runny and take the pressure off of your sinuses. The steam can also relieve dryness in your nose. The chicken in the soup can act as a good and easy protein and the broth will hydrate you and warm you up. Other good foods include vegetables, crackers, eggs, bananas, apples and elderberries.
  • Stay hydrated
    • Drink lots of water! Hydration is key to feeling better fast. Sometimes you lose your appetite when you are sick, which is very common in colds and flus, but that also means less nutrients and dehydration. Orange juice is another good idea. It can soothe your sore throats. Tea or hot honey lemon water is what I always drink when I am sick! Honey coats the throat to help with coughs and lemon is a great remedy for sore throats!
  • Stay in a moist environment
    • A humidifier isn’t a bad idea to have running when you are sick. It release moisture into the air which breaks down the mucus that you may have sucked into your lungs and allow you to breathe more clearly.
  • Positive mindset
    • It is a good rule of thumb to try to always stay positive! It is kind of hard when you are sick, but if you do keep that positive mindset, I guarantee you will feel better already!