by Madeleine Burke

The fall musical at HB, Matilda, is right around the corner. Performances will be in the HB auditorium from November 18th- 20th! To get students excited about coming out to see it this year, I sent out an interview to members of the cast to tell you about their experience in the show! 

A majority of the cast said that the scenes they enjoy the most are ones when the full cast is involved, such as full cast dance numbers! The cast is clearly a tight knit community that works well together on stage. Members of the cast even said just running scenes together (especially with the seniors) can be the best part of their rehearsal. The cast personally believes that the best aspect of the musical are the scenes Loud or When I Grow Up. So if you enjoy cool dance numbers and little British children running around on stage you should definitely come see this musical! 

However, I also wanted to know what the toughest aspect of the musical was for the cast because every activity has its harder parts. Many responded saying that remembering lines, choreography, and vocal parts is the hardest part of the musical for them.  This really is a skill one has to master in order to be a part of the HB shows! However, students are always able to pull it off in time for the show. Why should you come out and see the musical this year though? Even if you haven’t been to an HB musical in the past, you should definitely consider coming to see Matilda this November at HB. Members of the cast say that students should come out and see it because of all the hard work that goes in behind the scenes to put it together. Hours of choreography, lines, and blocking all come together to put this fantastic show on stage! The cast knows you will like the combination of choreography, humor, and british children that can be found on the stage. You never know if you’ll enjoy it until you come out and see it! You may also want to even join the musical community at HB in the future, as it is truly a special aspect of HB life! Come support the seniors, a friend, classmate, or even just the music program at HB in general this Fall and see Matilda!