By: Charlotte Kleid

The term “self-care” has become as ubiquitous a term as kindness or generosity. We all know it is important, and that we need to do it. But how do we practice self care? Why is it important? And what does that mean for the HB community?

Self-care is defined as the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health. Research shows that it is vital to maintain balance in your life. People sometimes have the notion that practicing self-care has to take the form of a lavish planned out spa day. However, self-care can be practiced in a variety of ways. It can be anything from hanging out with a friend, reading a book, or watching your favorite show while eating ice cream. People also say that their biggest challenge is fitting self-care into their daily routine, and never having time for another “task”. Taking time for yourself does not have to be a long grueling chore, but instead can be something small you do each day. You can journal for 5 minutes, listen to your favorite song, or even just take a short walk outside. Self-care is taking a break, and making time for yourself. It is a time to pause in your daily hectic life and check in with where you are. It helps you reduce stress, concentrate, and is a perfect time to reflect.

In high school, as students navigate a rigorous academic environment, sports, clubs, and try to balance everything at once, it is especially important to practice self-care. 

Katie McMahon, a multi-sport athlete and freshman at HB says, “I always make sure to find time to relax, especially after practice or when I am busy.” She went on to explain that just a couple of minutes can help her refocus and actually make her more productive. Freshman Juliet Parsons, adds that “it’s important to find time for yourself and not get swallowed by your homework or other responsibilities.” She continued, expressing that, “Your mental health is always most important.”

So the next time you are stressed out about a test, feel disorganized, or just need a break feel free to take a look at this list of 30 ways to practice self-care.