By: Ashley Chu

Hey guys! I am one BIG fan of bullet journaling; not necessarily to organize my life, but mostly to record memories and be creative. Technically, they can be whatever you want them to be- drawing, scheduling, tracking, pictures, or anything else! So if you guys want some inspiration on how to start one or just to learn about what it is, keep reading. 

Ok so starting off with a preface, I mostly get my ideas from other people on Pinterest or Youtube so my pages aren’t all original. I got into bullet journaling because of these resources! So where do you start… well you need materials! You can use any notebook and pens you have around your house or if you want you can buy some new ones. It doesn’t really matter what you use, but here are some of my all time favorites 🙂 

-Paperage Dotted Journal Notebooks (dotted journals are really helpful)

-Tombow Brush Pens

-Tombow Fudenosuke Pens (black calligraphy pen) 

-Crayola Supertips

-Mildliners (highlighters)


-Papermate pens

Once you’ve got your materials, you’re ready to start! There are many things you can track in your bullet journal: annual, monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. I like to do a certain theme for each month. Here are some spread ideas taken off the Internet:

Monthly Cover Page:


Mood Tracker: 

Entertainment Tracker: 

Sleep Log:

Here are some that I made:

You can put anything you want! Use whatever resources you want. Something I like to do is whenever there is some event or memory where I get a lot of pictures, I will print them out and write a summary-ish page and glue the pics in. Then it’s like a little scrapbook too that you can look back on  and read about. It’s very fun if you like being creative! 

Remember though, it doesn’t have to be perfect … But hopefully this article helped!