By: Paige Fluent

Fall is arguably the best season. Fall was such an exciting time as a child, part of the reason was all of the fall specials. The Disney Channel special Monstober brings back such a nostalgic feeling. Monstober sadly stopped airing on Disney Channel  in 2016 but the episodes can still be found on Disney Plus. 

I wish they would bring back Monstober as we know it and keep all the Halloween specials. For example, the iconic movie and series My Babysitters a Vampire just left Netflix. But, these episodes can still be found on HBO Max and Amazon Prime. This is your sign to have a Monstober night with your friends😍😍😍😍. Some of the most iconic Monstober episodes and movies:

Girl vs Monster

Hocus Pocus

Suite Life Of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 19: The Ghost in Suite 613

Season 3 Episode 12: Arwinstein

Suite Life On Deck

Season 3 Episode 11: The Ghost and Mr. Martin.

Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 17: Torn Between Two Hannahs

Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 2: Halloween


Season 2 Episode 1: The Whining

Season 3 Episode 1: Ghost Bummers

Season 3 Episode 23: The Runaway Bride of Frankenstein

Austin and Ally

Season 2 Episode 1: Costumes and Courage

Season 3 Episode 20: Horror Stories and Halloween Scares

Season 4 Episode 15: Scary Spirits and Spooky Stories

Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 25: Scary Had a Little Lamb

Season 3 Episode 15: Le Halloween

Season 4 Episode 14: Fright Knight

Shake It Up

Season 2 Episode 4: Halloween It Up

Season 3 Episode 25: Haunt It Up

Liv and Maddie

Season 1 Episode 5: Kang-A-Rooney

Season 2 Episode 3: Helgaween-A-Rooney

Season 3 Episode 4: Haunt-A-Rooney

Season 4 Episode 3: Scare-A-Rooney