By: Summer Mu

The transition from summer to fall is rough for most people… cold weather hitting Cleveland is always a monster! Fall is personally my favorite season though because it’s the best time of year to spend with family and friends. Also, it’s sweater weather!!! There’s Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up too, but I know what you’re going to say: “There’s not much to do around Cleveland.” Trust me, I’m here to tell you about some (actually) fun activities around this time of year. I know everyone is looking forward to filling the season with fun activities and sweet treats, so I’ve got you covered. Put on your favorite flannel and some sweatpants, grab a piece of pie, and read on!

Apple Picking

One of my favorite ways to kick off the season is apple picking. Visiting your region’s apple orchard doesn’t only help to support local businesses, but it’s a great way to spend time with the people you love while also grabbing a healthy and delicious snack. My favorite is Patterson’s Fruit Farm, but some others are Arrowhead Orchard, Eddy’s, Royalton Farm, and more. Here’s some notes and tips for the variety of types to pick:

Farmers Market

Another special event for area creators and farmers that you could go and support is the North Union Farmers Market. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, these locations (Crocker Park, Shaker Square, Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, and Van Aken District) have awesome items that you can check out!


Next on the list is pumpkin patches! I know all of you love to take aesthetic fall Instagram pictures, so here’s your chance! Northeast Ohio has a few spots including Pumpkinville, Heritage Farms, and Pickering Hill Farms where you can pick up a pumpkin! 

If you live near Brunswick, the Pumpkin Village is also an amazing find. Mapleside Farms has weekend themed events that anyone can enjoy! Usually, costs are between $10-16 and the themes are as follows:

  • Hometown Heroes — September 28-29
  • Great Pumpkin Fest — October 5-6
  • Superhero — October 11-13
  • Wild, Wild West — October 19-20
  • Spooky Fest — October 26-27

Cedar Point Halloweekends

I do have to agree the aesthetic of pumpkin patches is beautiful, but carving pumpkins and the season of Halloween is my personal favorite. Luckily, Cleveland has Cedar Point Halloweekends! From Thursdays to Sundays through October 30, Cedar Point is offering Halloween-themed events and attractions where everyone is guaranteed to have fun. The link to tickets is here.

Nature Walks

Moving on, I know the weather during fall can be unpredictable sometimes, but when the wind isn’t too bad, there are many Metroparks and other nature walks you can enjoy! Specifically, Holden Arboretum is holding a Great Harvest Haunt Experience that takes you into the trees to admire the foliage and great outdoors. 

Drive-In Movies

The last activity I have on this list to offer to you are drive-in movies during Halloween season. Most people associate this activity with summer, but Mayfield Road Drive-in, AutoRama Drive-in, and Midway Twin Drive-in are working to get rid of that feeling. There will be classic and new movies featured at these, so go with your friends and don’t forget to bring blankets!

Fall is one of the best seasons to cook and bake too, but I’ll let someone else take care of that article. Hopefully now you have some ideas of activities you can enjoy in Cleveland!