I believe that everyone at HB can agree that sports are the epitome of spirit here. Anyone who’s ever been to a volleyball game against Beaumont, a basketball game when there’s no school tomorrow, a field hockey game against Mags, a soccer game on Senior Night, a lacrosse game with the theme of hawaiian, or even a tennis send off on their way to States knows this to be true. Spirit for the sports teams is one of the main things that bring us all together at HB.  Almost all of the student body here participates in a sport, even if it’s just for the gym credit. Sports are a main part of our identity here at HB. With that being said, playoffs are coming up fast for the sports teams and it’s grind time. Teams are ready for the competition that is playoffs and here’s what some of the teams have to say.

I interviewed Colleen Nakhooda, a Varsity Volleyball player, to ask her a couple of questions about her season. First, I asked Colleen how her season has been going thus far. She responded saying, “Um, pretty awful to be fully honest. We have not won very many times, but we have fun, we’re a good team, we really like each other. We have really good talent on the team, we’ve just been playing a lot of really competitive schools so we haven’t been performing as well.” I then followed up by asking how she thinks her team and her will do in playoffs to which she said, “I think if we can get past the first rounds, then we will do pretty well, but based on our ranking, we are gonna have to play one of the top teams first and so that might give us a real challenge.” Lastly, I asked if she was excited for the playoffs. She replied, “Yes, but also nervous.” Although the volleyball season has had some lows, they have also had such extreme highs that we can all be proud of them for. They are a team that has definitely been working hard and hopes the best for one another. Everyone should make sure to continue to cheer on the volleyball team in their final stretch of the season and into playoffs!

Next, I interviewed Bailey Hodge, the Varsity Goalie for the Field Hockey team. One of the first things I asked Bailey was how the field hockey team has been doing. Bailey responded by saying, “Yesh! Um, we love each other as a team, we all love each other so much, but there’s some foundation things, but you know as a team we have a lot of love for each other and we want to put the work in. You can’t always control what happens behind the scenes, so yeah.” I then followed up by questioning Bailey on how they felt heading into the playoffs. Bailey said, “We’re heading in with our shoulders back and heads high. We are ready to really put in the work.” It seems as if the Field Hockey team is very dedicated to doing well. I think that they are definitely a team that is ready to compete with any team that challenges them!

I then interviewed Audrey, a member of the tennis program. To start, I asked Audrey how she felt about the season. She responded with, “So fun! I really loved it! I really liked the team and I thought it was a really good season. We are finally back without covid, which is great! I hope it is this fun next year!” After playing Kenston, the tennis team became State Bound! I asked Audrey how she felt about States being up and coming. Audrey stated, “We are going to the States! I’m really excited for everyone going! They worked really hard this season and hopefully it pays off! Hopefully, they win!” The tennis team at HB is definitely a force to be reckoned with! Year after year, they come home from states with some type of title. It is clear that the tennis team works so hard and we are all wishing them the best of luck at States!

The last person that I interviewed was Eva Kroh, a member of the Varsity Soccer team. I asked Eva how the soccer season was for her this year, to which she responded with, “It was fun that we had more juniors! Although the season could have been better, I loved our Ben and Jerry’s trips! And Gannon University will forever be iconic in my eyes.” I then followed up by asking Eva how she thought playoffs were going to go. She said, “I’m excited to play North Olmsted! I am so proud of everyone on the team who worked so hard! As long as we play hard, I think we will be ok!” Although the soccer team has definitely some lows this season, they also had some extreme highs. Even though they are a team mostly made up of freshmen, they have been able to form a close chemistry with each other. I think as time goes on, the soccer team will be unstoppable!

Through these interviews, there is one central thing you can take away: HB sports teams are driven. The work that these teams put into their sport is insane and should be celebrated! HB teams will stop at nothing to achieve the goals that they have set forth for themselves! I am proud to be able to cheer on such dedicated and driven sports teams!