by Sarah Cai

I fell in love with Taylor and her music when I was about seven years old, but Gracie is a newer artist (first single in 2019) and I started listening to her music after her EP “minor” came out. Gracie’s music inspired me so much: both her and Taylor’s music have helped me grow as a songwriter and realize the importance of familiarity in songs so that other people can relate to them and feel a sense of belonging. The simplicity but depth in Gracie’s bedroom pop hits were clearly inspired by Taylor’s music, and it is evident that she has grown so much as both a lyricist, songwriter, and a pop icon: starting with concerts in her bedroom to touring with Olivia Rodrigo and becoming friends with Taylor Swift. Taylor’s music style has heavily influenced new and upcoming artists like Gracie who I believe should get the recognition they deserve. Taylor and Gracie are my two favorite artists of all time; here are my analyses and connections of their songs.

“illicit affairs” by Taylor Swift → “Rockland” by Gracie Abrams

These two songs were even recorded at the same studio and produced by the same guy, Aaron Desner. They have the same vibe, musically, to each other. “Rockland” is about the constant anxiety in relationships, so if we are comparing two songs lyrically, if you like the lyrics of “The Archer” or “this is me trying.”

“champagne problems” by Taylor Swift → “Long Sleeves” and Unlearn by Gracie Abrams

Both are really emotional songs about the possibility of not being able to be with someone because they are not mentally ready.

“seven” by Taylor Swift → “Augusta” by Gracie Abrams

Both of these songs are about the innocence of childhood and being able to escape the problems and responsibilities of adulthood, which is yet to come.

“…Ready for it?” by Taylor Swift → “The Bottom” by Gracie Abrams

They’re two completely different styles of music, but if we are looking at the lyrics, they are not much different. Both are about being at “the bottom” with someone and what being in that sort of “bad” relationship would be like.

“’tis the damn season” by Taylor Swift → “Stay” by Gracie Abrams

Both of these heart wrenching songs discuss being with someone you love who you’re not with anymore for a weekend or a short period of time to escape their current struggles about missing them. 

“cowboy like me” by Taylor Swift → “Painkillers” by Gracie Abrams

“It takes one to know one…” Both songs are about two people who fool people in relationships and end up with an unexpected outcome. In “cowboy like me,” the two “cowboys” end up loving each other in the end, in love. However, in “Painkillers,” the two end up hurting each other.

“Long Live” by Taylor Swift → “Feels Like” by Gracie Abrams

Both songs highlight what it’s like to have the time of your life with someone you love. They both have really homey and nostalgic feelings to them. Definitely two of my favorites!

“Clean” by Taylor Swift → “Under/Over” by Gracie Abrams

The two of these songs are about one of the last stages of getting over a relationship. Although they’re still very much drawn to this previous unhappy relationship, they know that they are moving on and that it is more significant than the past. 

“Back to December” by Taylor Swift → “i miss you, i’m sorry” by Gracie Abrams

Longing for a past relationship that they feel they messed up in is portrayed in both songs. They want to go back and fix the things that they did because they realize that they still love them and miss them.

“right where you left me” by Taylor Swift → “minor” by Gracie Abrams

Both of the narrators talk about how a certain memory is keeping them stuck in the past and from moving forward.

“Nothing New (TV) (ft. Phoebe Bridgers)” or “tolerate it” by Taylor Swift → “mean it” by Gracie Abrams

Falling out of love is heavily portrayed in both of these songs. Both narrators feel like they are trying so hard to keep their relationship alive, while the other is indifferent or doesn’t even care. Both of these songs are very beautiful and vulnerable and perfect for a sad playlist.

“Story of Us” by Taylor Swift → “Mess it Up” by Gracie Abrams

Messing up in tragic relationships? Both songs touch on that. Both narrators feel that they have messed up in the relationship and want to try again with the other person, if they would let them and give them another chance to try to not mess up.

“Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift → “21” by Gracie Abrams

Both of their relationships are over, but they miss the idea of their past lovers. They want them to remember them, but they want to move past them.