By: Charlotte Kleid

Current Event Recap!

1. Serena Williams plays in the final match of her career.

On Friday, September 2nd, Serena Williams played her last match of tennis before retiring. She lost to Ajla Tomljanovic from Australia in the third round of the US Open. Tomljanovic said it was a “surreal moment” and Serena thanked all of her supporters for never giving up on her!

2. Queen Elizabeth dies at the age of 96.

On September 8th 2022, Queen Elizabeth II, died. King Charles became King that day, and all of the United Kingdom went through a variety of rituals and ceremonies to honor her life and mourn her loss. Her funeral was held on September 19th, and she was buried next to her husband, Prince Philip at the King George VI Memorial Chapel.

3. Patagonia CEO Yvon Chouinard, sells his company for environmental justice.

Chouinard sold Patagonia valued at 3 billion dollars to the Holdfast Collective, making the Chouniard family composed of Yvon, his wife, and two kids, one of the most charitable in the United States. The collective is a non-profit that, according to Patagonia, will, “use every dollar received to fight the environmental crisis, protect nature and biodiversity, and support thriving communities, as quickly as possible.”

4. Women in Iran fight for their rights.

22-year old Mahsa Amini, was beaten to death by iranian police on September 16th, for not wearing her headscarf properly. Since then thousands of men and women have been protesting in Iran and across the globe. In solidarity, women have been cutting their hair and, in Iran, going outside with an improper head covering to rise up against the oppressive and misogynistic law.

5. President Biden Announces the Pandemic is over.

In a 60 minute interview with president Joseph R. Biden, he claims that, “We still have a problem with Covid. We’re still doing a lot of work on it. But the pandemic is over.” However, more than 300 people still die from covid everyday, and public health officials still urge people to still take precautions as necessary to remain safe!