By: Zoë Kane

  1. The Summer of Broken Rules by K.L Walther
  • Friends to lovers
  • TW: Death of a Sibling
  • Single POV

Meredith Fox had gone to Martha’s Vineyard every summer to visit her family. After the death of her sister, Meredith hadn’t kept up with the tradition. This year is her first year back, and she is excited to see all of her extended family that has visited for her cousin’s big wedding. The budding bride decides it would be a good idea to keep the family tradition of playing Assassin and use it as a way to honor the recent death of Meredith’s sister. This year, Meredith’s target happens to be a very attractive groomsman. Although Meredith claims she won’t get distracted and focus on the game, her heart shows otherwise.

2. People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

  • Friends to lovers
  •  proximity
  • Single POV
  • Past vs. Present

Poppy and Alex have been best friends since college, although the two are polar opposites. The pair had a tradition of traveling together every summer and would bond over the crazy memories they had made. Everything was perfect, they were perfect. Alex and Poppy, Poppy and Alex, until two years ago, when everything fell apart. Now Poppy is in need of a vacation for her dream job, and the only person she can think to go with is Alex. As the duo rekindle their friendship, they create new memories; and they discover something that may not have been there before. 

3. Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams

  • Friends to lovers
  • Fake- Dating
  • Duo POV
  • Forced Proximity

Bree Camden and her best friend Nathan Donelson, who happens to be the star quarterback, have been best friends for a while. The tabloids are always interested in Nathan’s dating status, which would be alright with Bree if she wasn’t in love with him. Bree refuses to end the great friendship she has going with Nathan and with Nathan clearly not being into her, she decides to accept that she will never be with him. Everything is going great until Bree accidentally talks to a reporter drunk on tequila, and now the whole country thinks she is dating Nathan. Now she has to date Nathan publicly for three weeks until the Super Bowl is over. However, Nathan seems to be acting very un-platonic, and Bree starts to wonder if there is something there that she didn’t notice before.