By: Sienna Wearsch

Movies are so important to pop-culture, fashion, and entertainment. I grew up having the comfort of being able to sit down and watch a movie almost every weekend with my family. In that time I have watched almost five-hundred + movies and now have tallied up the 5 most significant and important movies. These 5 movies in sequential order from 1-5 are Clueless, Big Daddy, Black Panther, Legally Blonde, Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse

The first movie Clueless is an epitome of my childhood. Clueless is the movie I have watched the most and has never failed to cheer me up. It follows the life of teenager Cher Horwitz, a pretty, stylish and popular girl. She plays matchmaker for her teachers and makes friends with a girl to give her a makeover. Cher worries about the opinions of her step-brother Josh but later finds that she cares because she is in love with him. This movie makes fun of the Beverly Hills scene and how the people are naive to the realistic world. Such as when Cher thinks to herself that she has a normal routine as she types into a computer programmed closet to pick the perfect outfit for school. Though the movie is straightforward I can’t help loving the simplicity of it. 

The second movie on the list is Big Daddy, one of Adam Sandler’s best movies. The main character is Sonny Kouflax, a lazy college grad who hasn’t taken the Bar Exam yet. His girlfriend Vanessa doesn’t believe he puts in enough effort so he takes in the kid (Julian) left at his doorstep. Though he is not a good influence, in the end he does it for more than just approval, he becomes attached. When in trial to become the legal foster father of Julian he shows that he is worthy of having the child. A year later, he is now a successful lawyer and married to a woman named Layla. The interactions between Juilan and Sonny are comedic but also tear jerking as the movie goes on and their relationship develops. It is crazy and wacky but it still finds a way to bring light to the amazing acting and script making it in my opinion the second best movie.

The third movie, Black Panther, is a mere masterpiece. The movie in my opinion is the best MCU movie because of its beautiful scenery, soundtrack, and portrayal of culture. Black Panther starts off with a view of the extremely advanced kingdom hidden from the world, Wakanda. In the memorable beginning shots are taken across its beautiful forest and waterfalls but then it pans to the glass skyscrapers that hover above you. The cinematography is one of my favorite things about the movie. The heir to be king is T’Challa, a strong-willed yet humble character. When his father dies he becomes the next Black Panther, the chosen protector and ruler of Wakanda. The Black Panther is granted superstrength and all the knowledge of their predecessors. With these powers he must confront an enemy of his past and protect Wakanda. Black Panther amazed me the first time I watched and to this day is my favorite Marvel movie deserving its spot at 3rd on this list.

The fourth movie is Legally Blonde which I believe is an iconic movie. It stars Elle Woods who is a sorority queen and your archetype pretty girl; sporting pink and faux fur. She gets dumped by her boyfriend because she is not serious enough for his future career as a lawyer, once he is out of Harvard Law. She applies to Harvard Law to prove him wrong and against the odds gets accepted. While there, she learns that she is more than just a pretty girl and that she wants to become a serious lawyer. Elle stands up for her self against sexual assualt and oversomes it which makes this move even more dear. Though it is a rocky road she makes it in the end as a successful lawyer and in a happy relationship. The happy ending and warm-hearted Ellewoods makes this movie fourth of all time.

The fifth and final movie is Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. The movie had the perfect balance of pop art and 3D animation. The art style draws you in and the soundtrack gives a deeper meaning and emotions to the movie. To summarize the plot: Miles Morales becomes the spider-man of his parallel universe and teams up with 5 other spider-mans from other universes. They work together to fight the enemies and dangers of the merging of their worlds. A captivating and notable scene that put this movie on this list was when Miles overcomes his fear of not being able to shoot webs and jumps off of the building he is attached to. This act breaks the glass and lights to blind you as he falls into the busy New York street below him. The beautiful imagery and interesting characters are the reasons this movie, in my opinion, is fifth best of all time.