By Aron Nathan

Walking around HB can be a taxing experience. The type of shoes you are wearing can make all the difference. A poll was conducted questioning students about their shoe preferences. Nearly one hundred people answered the form.

Of these 96 students, a majority of 37 people or 38.5% preferred Converse or Vans. The shoe that came in second was tennis shoes with 33 people or 33.4%. Third place went to boots. A total of 14 people prefer boots with 14.5%.

Many people preferred multiple types of shoes such as combinations of Converse and tennis shoes or slippers and Converse. The rest of the people preferred other shoes. Many responses included Birkenstocks, slippers, or Crocs.

Overall, HB students prefer Converse and tennis shoes. The most common answer to the question, “Why do you prefer this shoe?” was comfort. Second most likely to appear was style or the ability to match with anything. People prefer versatile shoes that match with anything and are comfortable. Many people also mentioned shoes that last long. In the end, HB students enjoy walking around the school in comfortable, stylish shoes. To students, that is likely a pair of Converse.