By Liza Weinberger 

Arrange pumpkins on both sides of your front door.

Pumpkins are a great way to spice up your front door, and they can be used all through fall for both Halloween and Thanksgiving! Arrange your pumpkins randomly – different shapes, sizes, and colors work best! Try giving your arrangement different heights by interspersing tall pumpkins and short pumpkins. Buy the “reject” pumpkins because the odd shapes and colors give your door more character, and they will stand out in contrast to the perfectly-shaped orange pumpkins. 

Place mini pumpkins on side tables in your house. 

Placing mini pumpkins on a side table makes any room in your house feel like fall! Try to find pumpkins of all colors – orange, white, yellow, etc. Lean some of the mini pumpkins on one another to give your arrangement a more natural look. Mix the sizes and colors so that not all of the pumpkins of one color are touching. Have fun with your arrangement because it doesn’t need to be perfect!

Create centerpieces for your kitchen island or dining room table.

Pumpkins, flowers, and fake leaves make great centerpieces for your kitchen island or dining room table. Purchase a wooden tray and arrange miniature pumpkins around a tall vase of flowers and/or faux leaves. 

Make your decor elegant and unique using glass or velvet pumpkins.

If you aren’t a fan of real pumpkins, decorate with velvet or glass pumpkins. These faux pumpkins are elegant, and they do not rot! Another plus is that you can use them year after year!

Adorn the area around your front door with scarecrows and bushels of hay.

Scarecrows and bushels of hay make great additions to your front door. They are perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving!


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