By Ashely Chu

Hey Upper School! As you probably already know, the Winter Olympics just ended on February 20, 2022. It was held in Beijing, China, and the USA placed fourth overall. They won a total of 25  medals, eight of them gold. Here are some of the USA medalists, and which sports they competed in!

Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson brought home a 

gold medal in speed skating this year. She competed in the 500m with a time of 37.04 seconds, very impressive. 

Chloe Kim  

Chloe Kim won gold in the women’s halfpipe in snowboarding. Last Winter Olympics in 2018, she also won gold in this event, and she 

is incredibly young!

Jaelin Kauf

Jaelin Kauf won a silver medal in the women’s moguls freestyle skiing event this year.

Nathan Chen

Nathan Chen brought home the gold this year. His performance was very impressive, as he landed the hardest figure skating jump, a quad lutz. Not only did he land that, but he also did five quadruple flip jumps. He ended up with a combined score of 332.60. 

Kaillie Humphries

Kaillie Humphries, who was originally from Canada, also won gold for women’s monobob (bobsleigh). Her time was 4:19.27. 

Alexander Hall

Alexander Hall won gold in freestyle skiing. He scored 90.01, and this was his first gold medal!