by Emily Wilson and Noel Ullom

The seniors’ last day is approaching, but before they leave, a few of them shared some advice. Here is what they said!

Forms response chart. Question title: Which of the following do you think is most important for HB students to remember?. Number of responses: 7 responses.

Do you have any advice you would like to share? It can be for a specific grade, class, activity, or just for the general community.

  • Course selection is super important. Make sure you choose courses that challenge you but don’t completely overwhelm you. The balance is key to enjoying the rest of high school.
  • Seriously don’t be afraid to drop down a level in a core class; one of the best decisions I made this year was dropping from the honors math track to standard. Saved my neck.
  • Take the classes you are interested in, not the ones you think colleges will like.
  • Have fun, high school is supposed to be fun.
  • Make sure to prioritize your mental health senior year, and do your best to keep yourself out of toxic conversations surrounding college, grades, etc. Everything is going to change in college, and you don’t need to be surrounding yourself with negativity during your last year of high school.
  • For rising seniors: When second semester comes around, or whenever you begin to decide where to enroll for college, remember to not compare yourself to where other people are going. There are going to be people attending Ivys and T50 schools, but that doesn’t mean where you plan on going isn’t just as important. You’re choosing a school that works best for you and your goals. It can be hard sometimes to remember that, so here’s your friendly reminder from somewhere who’s been in your shoes 🙂

Do you want to make any shoutouts to teachers, faculty, etc. who have positively impacted you?

  • Shout out to Mr. Dim for taking time during class to teach us about real life things. He truly embodies the meaning of learn not for school but for life.
  • Ms. Armstrong! Mr. Parsons! JMo! Ms. Cahill! Señora Hall! Ms. Ahern! Ms. Webster! Mrs. Cross! Ms. McBeath! Also, lots of my classmates, too many to name!
  • If you get the chance, take an art class with Ms. Ahern!
  • Mr. Ciuni, Mr. Clifford, Ms. Slanina, Ms. Gordon, Ms. Burtch
  • Ms. Lewis (even though she’s not here anymore) and Ms. Ahern!

Thank you, seniors! We’ll miss you next year, and we wish you the best at college!