By Colleen Nakhooda

HB Events : 

  • Volleyball team won three playoff games in the month of October plus their senior night
  • First homecoming in two years held at HB 

We kicked off October with what seemed to be the last homecoming in comparison to all of the other schools being that it was in October instead of September. Finding what to wear was a nightmare and let’s say the confusion level was the above the roof on what time to get there before being locked out… anyways, spiked with music and a beautiful courtyard set up, homecoming’s Twenties Theme Seniors went all out and made many of our first homecomings one to remember. The common theme for dresses seemed to revolve around a simple black dress, anything with satin or silk, and bubble braid styles for hair. 

On top of that, I may be someone with bias since I am on the HB volleyball team, but let’s not forget that the volleyball program made history being the first team to win a playoff game since 2017, and the first HB team to win more than one volleyball playoff game since at least 2006! Our program won against Chagrin Falls, Lutheran West, and the Coventry Comets, ending their season as district runner ups with a five set match against Beaumont. Check out one of my past articles to see the list of additional awards and mentions from our Hathaway Brown volleyball players who received various awards and honorable mentions throughout the season and within the state. 

Current Events in the World : 

  • All fully-vaccinated members were allowed to leave the country 
  • Military coup in Sudan 
  • Me and My Twinem Song comes back on Tik Tok 
  • Browns vs. Steelers on Halloween 

On the more heavy side, let’s look at current events and the recap of October out of HB and in the global sense. To start off the month, there were a series of conferences and events held by organizations like WHO and the Global Pandemic Organization on the risks surrounding travel out of individual countries. Country leaders eventually decided that all fully-vaccinated members were allowed to leave their country and travel to other regions around the world that also had a similar rule. This was a huge step in the right direction for some type of normalcy in the world, and set up winter break in December to be full of fun vacations and world travel. 

Next there was the continuation of a military coup in Sudan. Maybe you learned about it in your Global Scholars Class with Mr. Ciuni, but near the end of October 2021, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan acquired control over Sudan’s government in a military coup that disrupted the  normalcy of a democratic government while also breaking a series of rules and laws regarding the constitution in the region. This military coup required “immediate international condemnation”, and demanded that Sudan be excluded from the African Union. This instigated a series of public protests and although it forced the military to intervene, it did give them the choice to do so without forceful violence, yet they followed suit with that anyways. This continued on into the winter and has left Sudan vulnerable to attack on their government. 

On another note, the popular song “Me and My Twinem” made a comeback on Tik Tok. I am pretty sure that for weeks straight that was the only trending dance on my fyp. The trend was seen through all age groups, and performed between friends and couples alike. The trending idea took on a mind of its own throughout the entire month of October. 

Finally, I personally attended the Browns versus Steelers game on Halloween day. Unfortunately we suffered a difficult loss to the Steelers, but the game was filled with fun—and how about we just blame it on the referees….