By: Julia Kubic

Dearest Reader,

With its gorgeous Regency outfits, dramatic plot, and an enchanting love story, the first 

season of  Bridgerton was a hit. On March 25th, the highly coveted second season of the Regency era drama was released. So, does season 2 live up to its expectations, or is it worse than Prudence Featherington’s singing voice?

*Season 2 Spoilers Ahead*

Season 2 of Bridgerton mainly focuses on Anthony Bridgerton, the oldest child of the 

Bridgerton family. Although both seasons had a slow burn, enemies-to-lovers love story, it doesn’t feel overused in the second season. HB students loved Anthony and Kate’s relationship, and many people said Anthony and Kate were their favorite characters. People loved the chemistry between them, especially during the iconic bee sting scene. It also had a focus on Eloise, and her secret meetings with Theo and political radicals as she dipped her toes into the rough waters of feminism. Eloise and Theo were also very common favorite characters, and people are shipping the two of them, and even coined the ship name “Theloise”. Fans also loved Benedict this season, whether he’s pouring drugs in his tea before dinner, or painting at the Royal Academy of Art. The entirety of the Bridgerton family was once again loved by fans. Seeing Daphne with her baby, and helping Anthony with his relationship problems made us realize that she is surely a diamond of a sister and mother. People also loved the family bonding in season 2, from promenade-ing in the park, or their sweet dance scene in episode 7. Despite the scandal the family got involved in this season, the Bridgerton family will always have a special place in our hearts. The sibling interactions were nothing short of wholesome, whether it was Benedict and Eloise gossiping on the swing set, Benedict teaching Colin how to deal with hangovers, or Anthony and Gregory bonding over their memories and love of their late father. Speaking of the late Edmund Bridgerton, people loved learning about his death, and the backstory of the Bridgerton family. This much-awaited info provided us with a reason for Anthony’s uptight temperament and protectiveness of his family, which only caused us to love him more. The little things are also important, which is why people said they loved the beautiful mansions and dresses. The décor of the Bridgerton sitting room is to die for, and Kate, Edwina, and Eloise’s dresses were spectacular. Lady Whistledown definitely didn’t make a mistake in defending  Genevieve Delacroix, the modiste! Speaking of Lady Whistledown, people loved when Eloise found her identity in the last episode, and loved it even more when the voiceover switched to Penelope’s voice. But Lady Whistledown, Benedict, or Anthony cannot compare to the true star of season 2: Newton! People loved the Sharma’s pet corgi, and who could blame them? Not only is Newton adorable, but he is also an amazing judge of character. 

Overall, we’d say season 2 was a true diamond! From Kanthony, to Theloise, to Newton, to family bonding, to scandal, even Queen Charlotte would have to love this season. We can’t wait to see what seasons 3 and 4 hold, and assuming that series continues to follow the order of the books, the next seasons should focus on Benedict and Colin. And hopefully those seasons are released soon, because we’re dying to see what the future holds for our favorite Regency family.