By: Alexandra Burke

Hi HB!  I’m not sure if you’ve heard but the dress code is going to be gone for the rest of the school year!  As you all know, dress code dictates everyday life from friends commenting on how your outfit is not ‘in dress code’ to getting a flag from your first-period teacher.  We constantly turn away from blue jeans at the mall or cross our arms in the hallway when walking by a teacher because we know there are words on our shirts.  

Well, this is all about to disappear!  Dr. Bisselle and Ms. Ritzman had a change of heart for the better.  They were watching the Grammys together and when they saw Timothee Chalamet in his fabulous outfit, they knew.  Immediately they reached out to the News Media Lit class so we could send out an article.  They knew this was going to be a big deal.  

So yes, you can now wear your pajamas to school!  Any kind of legging or shirt, along with that concert merch that you might’ve been avoiding wearing because you didn’t want to risk a point.  Sweats and sweatshirts will be allowed as well, and yes, blue jeans are allowed.  Finally, getting ready for school might not be as hard as it was before.  Enjoy this new privilege!