Apple Has Just Released the Prototype for the New Generation “iPhone Claro I” and I am Stunned

By: Lauren Voinovich

The future is here, ladies and gentlemen. With the surprising release of what appears to be sneak peak viewing of the next generation iPhone Claro I, Apple has revealed that they will be putting the iPhone CI on the market sometime before April 2023. 

Named for its startling display, this new iPhone has an entirely transparent interface, allowing users to not only access the same applications and information as before, but also to stay in touch with the environment around them. Alongside the glass and polystyrene material, the phone also incorporates smart technology, making it easy for iPhone users to scan and process details about their surroundings, vastly increasing the accuracy of the measurement, maps, and compass features. 

For any individuals worried about their privacy, the phone is said to have a privacy layer of tempered glass on the back of the iPhone CI, creating the perfect balance between transparency and privacy protection.

More details are to come as the release date of the phone is solidified, but iPhone users can rest assured that the newest edition of the Apple iPhone is worth the wait. 

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