By: Abby Muresan, Paige Fluent, and Sophie Weber

GQ Fitness: Five-Toed Shoes Are Ugly and Bad for Your Feet | GQ

The toe grippers of the century are out now. Spread out those dogs in these new trendy shoes. You can go on water or land with the suckers and never have to take them off. I don’t think anyone would judge you if you even kept them on while sleeping. Another bonus to the look are the skinny jeans. These are not required but they will really add to the look especially in the water.

Emo boys and girls - Home | Facebook

You NEED to hop on this new hairstyle. Everyone and their mothers are getting this haircut! You must achieve contrast by getting one stripe of blonde hair on your bangs in order to complete the look. The dark eye makeup really adds to the look if you wish to go above and beyond this new year!

These furry long nails are the next big thing and we’re here for it! This trend is skyrocketing and is quickly becoming the most requested nail style! There is simply no other option than to hop on this trend and get these nails at your next appointment!!

VSCO girls are coming back! Everyone needs to get up to speed with this trend. It is going to be EVERYTHING for the summer months. Get your scrunchies, shell necklaces, and hydroflasks back out🙌🏻

This ADORABLE rat tail hairstyle is getting all the hype right now!! Although it is mainly only men who have it, hopefully it will expand to more women as well!! We LOVE to see people expressing themselves with these adorable rat tails!😛🐀

These couple tee- shirts are so adorbs!  Grab your bae and get them now, they are selling out fast. This is a perfect way to display your love to the world and show that you are booed up. Bonus points if you add the man bun and hot pink lipstick!! It really levels up the look!😎