Over winter break with the debut of the new movie Spiderman No Way Home, the argument of who is the best spiderman of the three has come up on many occasions. Whether it be who fights the best, who has the strongest “spidey senses”, or simply who is the most attractive, everyone has different reasons for their opinions on this subject. But, this debate is about to come to an end once and for all. Andrew Garfield wins when it comes to being the greatest spiderman (his movies were called “The Amazing SpiderMan” after all). In the original comics, Spiderman is portrayed as a witty, smart, and energetic teenager, and he plays this character to the fullest extent. If you felt like any other of the spidermen were better before, you certainly won’t after reading this. 

1. His Descriptive Body Language 

One of the reasons Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-Man is his incredible acting. While all three Spideys played the character well, Andrew Garfield is very expressive in his body language. When being in the Spider-Man suit the actor’s face is covered, so you can’t see their expressions. Andrew Garfield as an actor uses his whole body to show his character’s emotions. This is a very important skill to have when playing any superhero that wears a mask. You can always tell what emotion is being portrayed in the moment, whether the mask is on or off. Spider-Man is a character that goes through a lot in his story. He has to deal with loss, pressure, hiding, fighting, and always doing the right thing. All of these issues bring a plethora of serious emotions with them, and those emotions bring about physical reactions and movement. Being able to replicate these emotions with more than just facial expressions creates a very realistic experience for the character and the audience.

2. He Has the Best “Web-Slinging” 

I’m sure many people reading this have seen fan made edits on their ForYou page of Spiderman swinging through New York city, and we can assure you that almost every single one of them is from Andrew Garfield’s movies (The Amazing Spiderman 1 or 2). This is obviously a huge part of being Spiderman since not many other superheroes have the ability to do a skill like this. Not only are his swinging skills the best and most exciting to watch out of the three, his character has the most fun with it in all of the movies. He’s always cracking a joke, or performing a stunt while he swings throughout the city, and the shots in his movies are the most satisfying and cinematic. The montages of Spiderman just having fun swinging around the city in Andrew’s movies, is something that the others are lacking. His love of this skill is one of the main things that displays the youthful side of this character.

3. His Fighting Style 

Another superior characteristic of Andrew’s Spiderman is his intelligent fighting style. Not only does his Spiderman find the best way to defeat his enemies, he does it in the most efficient way possible. While fighting Electro in Times Square, He chooses first to try and talk to him calmly, knowing that they are surrounded by electricity in the billboards and any wrong move to make him mad would be dangerous for any and all civilians standing close by. In the first Amazing Spiderman movie when he goes to the sewers to find Dr. Collins, he extends a web through the pipe system, so that he can feel the vibrations of where to find the villain. Not only is this one of the few times we see a Spiderman actually fight like a spider, but it was also an extremely intelligent decision to make, and it later ends up working. In both of these situations he thinks outside of the box in a way that we rarely see out of superheroes his age. 

4. His Sense of Humor

Finally, Andrew Garfield has the best comedic timing of all the spidermen. It’s simple really, he just makes the best jokes. Tom’s spider man is funny, but I feel like what’s funny about Tom’s movies is just his innocence. Up until Spiderman No Way Home, Tom plays a sort of clumsy, puppy-like Peter Parker. He makes a few jokes here and there, but the comedy just comes through the character. Andrew Garfield on the other hand, had jokes written into his script that he had to perform well. I have heard some say that Andrew Garfield’s movies had the worst writing, but I disagree. Maybe I would feel differently if Andrew didn’t do such a good job with the script. He is constantly making the audience laugh. He found the perfect way to deliver all of his lines, whether they were written to be funny or if he made them funny. None of this is to say that Andrew’s movies are all laughs, though. There are many serious and heart wrenching moments in his movies as well, which really just proves the range that his version of the character has. One moment you’ll be laughing and the next you’ll be hanging on the edge of your seat with suspense. 

Whether it be his amazing acting, youthful and energetic personality, comedic, or clever fighting approach, Andrew Garfield hit every target when performing this role with what he was given. However, his performance in The Amazing Spiderman is just one example of many of his outstanding showcases of a character. Some argue that the writing of his Spiderman movies wasn’t the best, but believe that because of how well Andrew acted, he managed to turn it around into something amazing.