By: Suzanna Sleeth

Hey HB!! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to find some gifts for your friends, family, or significant other!! If you’re stuck and need some ideas, I have plenty for you to choose from. Find something and spread the love!! 

  1. Fluffy Blankets for a fun movie night
  1. Skincare, like facemasks, lip masks, body scrubs, etc – or even a Sephora, Bath and Body Works, or Bluemercury gift card 
  1. A Slip pillowcase or sleeping mask
  1. Make them a bracelet – it could be complex or simple, they’ll love it either way. 
  1. Disposable Cameras – They’re the new craze and a great creative way to capture fun memories
  1. Perfume or Cologne – Who doesn’t love to smell good and have a new signature fragrance!!
  1. A Comfy!!  One of the best inventions ever!!
  1. Fun heart glasses for pictures!! heart glasses
  1. Jewelry!! Here’s some ideas:
  1. Heart Waffle Maker waffle maker
  1. A sweet note – handwritten is definitely the way to go
  1. A stuffed animal!! Here’s some ideas:
  1. Color Changing Moon Lamp Moon Lamp
  1. Valentines Day Lego Set Lego Set

Sunset Lamp