By Colleen Nakhooda

Since it’s Valentine’s day weekend, why not present the idea of love through the eyes of a teenager?? 

Thoughtless, Comical, Complicated Love 

Love is a funny word to me, 

It is powerful 

And foolish at the same time. 

It expands 

and compresses. 

Love changes and conforms, 

Moves and glides like a clear stream, 

Or crashes and burns like the salt that hits your skin as the ocean waves engulf.  

Love is


It’s gross that word you know.  


But it is, love is complicated and confusing, 

and eye opening and romantic. 

Its rollercoaster and deviation of paths leads you to believe that love is intoxicatingly exciting. 

Love moves deep through your roots, 

As you may grasp tightly onto your mother’s smooth hands. 

Love is tangled and entwined in that commonplace word of complicated, 

As you may wonder whether teenage obsession is more than to the eye of a notorious fairytale couple. 

Love is shouted through the halls, 

As friends back’s never turn to face each other without saying some version of love as they part. 

Love is everlasting and sickening, 

because even when that person is gone and a void is left in your heart, 

and it feels bittersweet to hold on to that love and let yourself feel the pain, 

the memories of love fill its blank presence, and you lock your fingers tight against it’s ghostly reminisce. 

Oh how love is magical. 

Love is found in the blend of colors, 

creating the dark haired girl who is always asked “how do you get so tan?” 

she laughs to herself, forgetting that her origin of love makes no sense unless a family portrait presents itself to the woman who gives odd looks. 

Love is dangerous and forbidden, 

as you walk hand in hand with a friend who’s hand makes your light brown look pale, 

And who’s love presents itself to those who can’t love difference. 

Various pictures of perfection present love, 

but the soft nuzzle of the gelding’s nose pushes her forward, 

and love seeps through her tense shoulders as she mounts. 

Love keeps itself nagging at your every last resort, 

as their persuasion may leave you at the hands of playing one last game. 

Edward Cullen claims he will “love you for forever” 

but forever is a long time. 

when your ability to love is shattered, 

and your heart and soul need to find time to mend, 

loving something, 

or someone forever,

can feel like a daunting task. 

but as “I love you” from another brings a smile to your face,

and you find yourself dancing to the music, surrounded by the people who make love feel right, 

Whoever that may be, 

love will become a little less confusing, 

a little less complicated or dangerous, 

and maybe even funny…