By Abby Muresan

I am all about having some good candy, especially on Valentine’s Day. Now, everyone’s definition of “good” is different. I thought that many people have a love-hate relationship with the conversation heart candies that often appear around Valentine’s Day. I was correct.

I reached out and sent a Google Form to the school to see how people view this candy. I got a total of 95 responses and went through the data. I was shocked to find that 77.7% of people would rather have chocolate than these candies. I thought that it was gonna be more than 50%, but I never imagined almost 80%. I added another question to see if people truly hate these candies, or they just like chocolate more. 44.1% of the school would rather have no candy than have to suffer through eating the candy hearts. The almost 50-50 relationship between having them and not proves my theory on the love-hate relationship for these candies.

I like the conversation candy hearts. I would take the chocolate 9/10 times over the hearts though. This is just because I love chocolate, not because I despise the other. I would take the candy hearts over nothing 10/10 times because I like them and think it is better than having nothing. My opinion is shared with a majority of the responses. But, I am still stunned by the large percentage of haters for the candy hearts.