10. A Rainy Day in New York

This movie was very, very bad. If I didn’t have to finish it to write this article, believe me, I wouldn’t. It’s confusing, boring, and there is a lack of a real plot. Timothée’s acting is good, but nothing special, and his character is very one dimensional. Only watch this movie if you are actively trying to ruin your night.

A Rainy Day In New York' Review: A Wearying Woody Allen Washout - Variety

9. The King

While Timothée brought the role of King Henry (aka Hal) to life, the overall lack of emotion makes it hard to connect with him. His character felt unlikeable at times, and the movie felt like a weird mix of a historical documentary and Game Of Thrones. Not to mention, his hair was so ugly.The King on Netflix Review: A Perfect Movie for Timothée Chalamet's  Cheekbones

8. Hot Summer Nights

Timothée’s acting in this was amazing, to the point where it carried the movie. Although he seemed a little too innocent and scrawny to play a drug dealer, he was amazing as the awkward, in-love teenager. Despite the fact that his acting was outstanding, the rest of the characters seemed empty and one-dimensional. While Timothée is an incredible actor, he can’t carry an entire movie, and the other actors did not step up to make Hot Summer Nights the blockbuster it had the potential to be. Hot Summer Nights' Review: Timothée Chalament as a Teenage Pot Dealer -  Variety

7. Lady Bird

I love Lady Bird. I really do. Timothée’s portrayal of Kyle is insanely good. However, despite being in the movie a lot, I feel that Timothée never gets the chance to shine, and when you first watch the movie, his character doesn’t really stand out. Timothée is so talented in this movie, and it’s a shame he never really gets his share of the spotlight.

In Lady Bird, Timothée Chalamet is not your typical dirtbag boyfriend

6. The French Dispatch

The star-studded cast of The French Dispatch showed off their amazing acting skills, while letting everyone shine. Timothée plays a captivating character and his acting and emotion in this movie are awesome. The only reason The French Dispatch isn’t higher on this list is because it can be rather confusing at times. 

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5. Call Me By Your Name


Call Me by Your Name (2017) - IMDb

4. Dune

This movie was popular, and for a good reason! Timothée’s acting was really good, and the cinematography was awesome. The storyline was also really good, though it can be a little hard to follow at times. Dune definitely deserves all the hype it’s gotten, and if you haven’t watched it yet, please do.

Dune (2021) - IMDb

3. Don’t Look Up

Although Timothée’s role was small, it was powerful. He portrayed Yule beautifully, and the prayer scene was so moving. I just wish he was in the movie more, because his character and acting were gorgeous.

Don't Look Up': How Timothée Chalamet Was Convinced to Play Yule

2. Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy was amazing. He portrayed every emotion so well, and I was in tears at the end. Timothée really got this powerful message across. It was overall an emotional and moving movie, with some of Timothée’s best acting.

Picture of Timothee Chalamet in Beautiful Boy -  timothee-chalamet-1544465211.jpg | Teen Idols 4 You

1. Little Women

How could Little Women not be first? Timothée’s amazing acting makes you immediately fall in love with Laurie. I always end up crying when Jo rejects him, and despite some of his character flaws, he’s so likeable. His character shows raw emotion, but always remains fun and lighthearted at times. Everything about this movie is amazing, and Timothées’ portrayal of Laurie Lawrence is no exception.