By Ayden Magence

Emily in Paris is a Netflix comedy that follows Emily Cooper and her journey through Paris (it’s in the title). Despite how interesting the show is, Emily is one of the most infuriating main characters to ever exist. She never shows up to her job, she is constantly hooking up with her friend’s boyfriend, she is always telling people to do things her way, and she never learns from her bad actions. 

Quick Summary (without spoiling too much): 

In season one, Emily’s boss Madilyn is supposed to go to Paris to help market a luxury company, Savoir. However, before this can happen, Madilyn gets pregnant and cannot travel to Paris. Instead, Emily goes, but there is a problem. Emily does not know french. Of course, this is a huge setback for the company she works at, and she is immediately disliked by all of her co-workers, especially Sylvie, her boss. Emily’s new ideas and openness directly clash with Sylvie’s conservative nature, and the two establish somewhat of a rivalry. Two other important co-workers of Emily are Luc and Julian. These two grow to like Emily and eventually become her friend. Despite Emily constantly being at odds with her boss, she is excellent at her job (if you forget how annoying she is) and is always winning over new clients with her ideas. Emily also has a huge social media platform with over 10k followers; this platform helps her gain more clients and brings attention to Savoir. 

Throughout her time in Paris, Emily is always seen as an outsider, but despite this, she manages to make some friends. The first real friend Emily makes is Mindy, a nanny from Shanghai who is also not originally from France. There are also Gabriel, a restaurant owner who Emily has a crush on and Camille, a nice french girl Emily meets while shopping.

Do I recommend: 

Personally, I thought this show was fun to watch but that does not mean it is a good show. The characters are all underdeveloped with the exception of Sylvie, Mindy, and maybe Gabriel. The plot is very predictable, and the outfits worn by Emily are awful. 

Overall, even though the show is bad it is kind of interesting, so if you really want to watch it, you should.